Receiving Accommodations

The Accessibility Specialist and the student will collaboratively determine accommodations specific to both the needs of the student, and the supporting documentation.

Students must renew accommodations at the beginning of each semester to arrange for academic accommodations.  If a student changes their schedule by adding a class, the student should notify their OAS Accessibility Specialist as soon as possible if accommodations are needed in the new courses. 

How are academic accommodations implemented?

Once approved, accommodation authorizations are emailed to instructors via the instructor's MIX email account. Students must then personally meet with the instructor of each class, in private, to discuss the specific accommodations they require. Instructors may need at least one week to implement appropriately requested accommodations. Accommodations are not to be implemented by the instructors until the student meets with the instructor in person to discuss how each requested accommodation will be implemented.

What do I do if I don't feel that I'm being accommodated appropriately? 

Problems with receiving accommodations should first be communicated to the instructor by the student. If not resolved, the student should contact his or her Accessibility Specialist. Once these steps have been taken, students who still feel that they are not being appropriately accommodated, may file a formal complaint.