El Deafo, Motivation in the Media

We have all had our struggles overcoming embarrassment and loneliness growing up. Entering public primary school with a hearing aid strapped to your chest generates a unique set of challenges. Cece Bell, author of El Deafo, recounts her experiences as a Hard of Hearing student in public school: fielding questions about the cords framing her face, and her inability to clearly hear her instructors the way she used to.  

Unapologetically Disabled

Written by Colleen Good, M.A.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for #MotivationInTheMedia, where we at Office of Accessibility Services share stories about how disability-related issues are featured in media, such as books, movies, the news and music.

Students: Summer Internship Opportunities with United Launch Alliance

WVU juniors, seniors, and some sophomores have the opportunity to apply to 10-week summer internships with United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture that provides space launch services for the U.S. government. Internships are available in engineering, supply chain, and finance.

It is preferred that candidates are interested in a long-term career in the field.

WVU Seniors: IT Rotational Opportunity

To apply, students should visit Bender Consulting Services website here, and complete the electronic form provided.

Students who join this rotational program will gain familiarity with and contribute to different business units with three nine-month rotations in areas like: