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Alternative Format

Alternative format books and materials are provided as an authorized accommodation upon approval of the publishing company or book sharing agency. OAS can provide alternative format information in braille, digital formats, as well as other requested alternative formats.  These requests can take up to 6 weeks to process. 

All information provided to students at West Virginia University is available in alternative formats by request.

Students must request course materials in alternative format after registering for courses by: 

  1. Requesting alternative format accommodations for each course in SAMM
  2. Electronically sign the OAS Copyright Agreement Form
  3. Submitting the needed books in SAMM under Alternative Formats
  4. Submitting all receipts verifying the purchase of books to
The decision for what type of alternative format books and materials supplied, is based on the documentation submitted to OAS at the time of the student's application and discussion with their accessibility specialist.