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ASP Diagram Description

A chart featuring the various aspects of the Autism Support Program, including Executive Functioning Support, Social Skills Coaching, Peer Mentoring, Academic and Vocational Support, and Referral Support. A text version is available below.

The WVU Autism Support Program consists of five main areas:

  • Executive Functioning
  • Social Skills
  • Peer-Mentoring
  • Academic and Vocational Supports
  • Referral Supports

Below is a description of each of the areas listed on this diagram:

Executive Functioning

  • Weekly Class
  • Weekly Planning Meetings
  • Autism Support Program Advisor

Social Skills

  • Weekly Class
  • 1:1 Social Coaching
  • Monthly Organized Events


  • Access to Student Lounge
  • Study Skills Support
  • 1:1 Peer Mentoring

Academic and Vocational Supports

  • MindFit Academic Coach
  • Career Services
  • On-Campus Opportunities

Referral Supports

  • Office of Accessibility Services
  • Workshops and Discussion Groups
  • DRS, Tutoring Center, Carruth Counseling


(304) 293-6700