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Statement of Confidentiality

The West Virginia University Office of Accessibility Services values confidentiality and is required by law to protect personally identifiable information related to the services we provide for you. WVU adheres to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect student educational records respectively.

Under normal circumstances , the Office of Accessibility Services will not disclose personally identifiable  information unless you have provided written consent.  However, certain exceptions exist where we may disclose certain information without your written consent, as follows:
  1. If a University official, disciplinary committee, or court has referred you to OAS, you may assume that they may wish to receive some report or evaluation from us about your accommodation. You have the right to tell us only what you want us to know. A University official is defined by WVU at
  2. If you are involved in or anticipate litigation of any kind and inform the court of the services that you have received from us (thereby making your disability an issue before the court), you may be waiving your right to keep your records confidential.  You may wish to consult an attorney regarding such matters before you disclose that you have received services. 
  3. If OAS is lawfully required to submit information due to a subpoena.
  4. If you threaten or harm either yourself or someone else, we are obligated under the law to take whatever actions seem necessary to protect people from harm. This may include divulging confidential information to the appropriate authorities. 
  5. If we have reason to believe that you are abusing children or neglecting your children, or if you report knowledge of an ongoing situation involving child abuse or neglect, we are obligated by law to report this to the appropriate authorities.
  6. If a WVU official has a "legitimate educational interest" to gain access to your educational records. "Legitimate educational interest" is defined by WVU
  7. If you are declared as a "dependent student" according to Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code. That means your parent has claimed you as a dependent on his/her most recent income tax statement.
  8. If you experience a health or safety emergency.
The Office of Accessibility Services wishes you the best and encourages you to speak with us about any concerns you may have.