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Calendar Synchronization

For appointments that are made in SAMM to appear on the Accessibility Specialist's calendar, the specialist must have "Counselor" access on their employee profile. 

1. After signing into SAMM, select "My Dashboard"  and then "Calendar Synchronization." 
Calendar Synchronization menu in SAMM

2. Under "Step 1: Method," select "Microsoft Exchange" from the drop down, and then select "Continue." 

3. Enter your in the "Email Address" area, in the "Username" area and then your Login password in the "password" box.  Select "Update Your Information." ONLY select Update Your Information ONCE. 

4. If the process was successful, you will receive an email from SAMM stating that your "Calendar Synchronization Information was Updated." You will also be able to determine if it was successful by looking at the "Calendar Synchronization" tab of "My Dashboard." 

SAMM Calendar Synchronization Current Status Connected

Once this has been completed, student appointments that are scheduled for you in SAMM will be synced to your calendar. Any changes that need to be made to the appointment should be made in SAMM to ensure the syncing of the appointment in SAMM, and to the student.