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Intake and Documentation  

Documenting information regarding a student's submitted documentation and their intake appointment should take place on the student's profile. 

1. Transfer the student's application to a user profile from the student's application page. 

Transfer to user profile photo from SAMM account

2. On the student's user center area, select "Student" and then "Edit Profile." 

On the student's user center area select 'Student' and then 'Edit profile' - photo from SAMM

3. Select "Conditional Admittance" if the student has been approved to receive accommodations for one semester until additional documentation can be submitted. (Please review with Richard if conditional admittance is being applied for any reason other than the need for additional documentation.) 

4. Add an "Access Expires On" date if supplying the student with conditional admittance. Access expires on date should be a date immediately following finals week for the current semester. 

If a student no longer required conditional admittance, "Conditional Admittance" needs to be changed to "No" and the "Access Expires on" date needs to be removed. Students will not be allowed to access their SAMM account once the "Access Expires on" date has passed. 

5. Add a "Reminder Note for Student" detailing the student the additional information that they need to submit to continue receiving their accommodations in future semesters. This information is viewable by the student on their SAMM homepage. 

6. Change the "Documentation Status" based on the information below:

Complete (SAMM) To be used when the student's documentation has been reviewed and is uploaded in SAMM
Complete (File) To be used when the student's documentation has been reviewed and is a paper version in the student's file
Complete (L Drive) To be used when the student's documentation has been reviewed and is uploaded to the L Drive under the students 700 number
Incomplete  Documentation that has been submitted is incomplete and student does not intend to submit additional documentation (please note in the Documentation Note where the documentation is located) 
Not Received No documentation has been received from the student at this time
Received Documentation has been received (document in the "Documentation" note where the location of the documentation is)
Received/Not Reviewed (Emailed) Documentation has been emailed to the student's Accessibility Specialist but has not been reviewed
Received/Not Reviewed (File) Documentation has been received by the Accessibility Specialist but has not been reviewed and is located in the students paper file
Received/Not Reviewed (L Drive)  Documentation has been received by the Accessibility Specialist but has not been reviewed and is located on the L drive under the students 700 number
Waiting for Additional Documentation Student has decided to submit additional documentation
Waiting for Additional Documentation (Other)  Student will submit other or additional documentation 
Waiting on Additional Documentation (Primary and Secondary) Documentation that was provided was not sufficient and student needs to submit additional documentation regarding both primary and secondary diagnosis
Waiting on Additional Documentation (Primary) Documentation that was submitted regarding primary diagnosis was not sufficient and student will submit additional documentation
Waiting on Additional Documentation (Secondary) Documentation that was submitted regarding secondary diagnosis was not sufficient and student will submit additional documentation 

7. Change "Documentation Date" to the date OAS received the documentation regardless if the documentation was complete, reviewed, or additional documentation will be submitted. 

8. Add a "Documentation Note" documenting the interaction with the student regarding their documentation. This should include information regarding the completeness of the documentation, the accommodations their documentation states is suggested, information the student reports regarding the documentation, etc. 

Steps 6-8 should be adjusted each time the student submits additional documentation or additional notation regarding the documentation should be made. Past notes regarding the students documentation can be found in the full report of the students profile as seen below. For assistance with this report, contact Lisa. 
Historical Documentation Status from the students full report

9. "Intake Status" information should be adjusted during the students initial intake. If a student has been archived, a new intake may be necessary, at which point this should be utilized again. Adjust the "Intake Status" based on the table below.

Just like the Documentation Status (Historical) can be found in the reporting of a student, intake status and information can also be found in the full report. 

Complete  The students intake has been completed and accommodations have been assigned on the student profile
Missed Appointment The student did not show for their intake appointment. Please document in the note section the reason for the missed appointment and information regarding rescheduling of appointments
Not Scheduled If a student has canceled their appointment without rescheduling the intake, this option should be selected
Prospective If a student has scheduled their intake prior to deciding to attend WVU, please select this option
Scheduled Use this to document that a students intake has been scheduled after having their profile transferred (this should be avoided since the application quick notes documents this).  If a student missed their previous appointment and has rescheduled, please document using this option. 

10. "Intake Date" should be adjusted to the date of the most recent intake status change. For instance, If the student missed their appointment, the intake date should be changed to the date of their missed appointment. When the student has rescheduled or schedule a new appointment, the intake date should again be changed to the date of the intake date change. 

11. "Intake Note" should include any and all information regarding the intake of the student including and changes in their scheduled appointment time, and the completeness of their intake process.  

12. Scroll to the bottom of the student profile page and select "Update Student Profile" to submit any and all changes to the students profile. 

13. After the documentation has been submitted, documentation notes, and intake notes can be viewed on the "Notes Tab" by clicking "View Intake and Documentation Note (Click to Expand)." 

Documentation Note on students user service center section. Includes Intake and Documentation note information.

14. Students can be emailed an "Accommodation Eligibility Letter" for their records by selecting Student > View in Detail > "Eligibility Letter."  Additional information can be added to this email that will show in the email. This letter has the ability to to include just the accommodations or the accommodation descriptions that are also included in Faculty Notification Emails.  

Printed version of the email sent to a student with the eligibility letter (Version shown does not include the descriptions)

Documenting Additional Information

These directions should not be used to document a students appointment, documentation or intake. All other notes should be documented here but only for students with active profiles or applications. 

1. Locate on the students user profile or application their user notes area. 

View of the User Notes Section in SAMM

2. Either select a title or type in a title in the "user notes detail" area.  Do not include both. If you type a title and then select a title, the selected title will override information in the title area. 

3. Select date of the interaction. (This should not be the date the note is written as SAMM automatically documents date and time of the notes submission.) 

4. Select the "Type" of interaction that takes place. If the interaction is from the student's instructor, parent, guardian, or other individuals asking to discuss the students case, please select the appropriate type. If the interaction is directly with the student, please select the type of contact that took place. 

5. Select the duration for the time it took to complete the interaction. 

6. Include additional information regarding the interaction that is necessary to be documented. All phone calls, emails, or in person interactions with the student should be documented using this process. 

D ocumenting Appointments

Review the information on the Student Appointments Page to best determine how to document a students appointment. All appointments with students should be documented using the appointment tab.