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Troubleshooting Student Log-in Issues

Check Student's Username

  • View the student's profile. Locate the "Login Information and Attempts" box. Verify that the student's username is their MyID
    • In this example, the username for this student is " etorsney." If the student does not have a username in SAMM, the "Username" field will say "None" or "Unspecified." 
Username View
    • If the student has no username, the username is incorrect, or the username says "Unspecified," click the "Edit User Profile" button to create or edit a user name. 
Edit User Profile Photo from SAMM

    • In the "Login Information" section, edit the student's username to their MyID username. 
Username Edit

Viewing Login Attempts and Unlocking Account

  • If student has a username and continues to have SAMM login difficulties, go to the student's profile and view the number of failed attempts. If this number is anything other than a "0," click the "Unlock Account" button. 
Unlock Account Photo from SAMM
  • If the number next to failed attempts is "0," click the "View All Attempts to Login" button to learn the reason the student is unable to log in. 
    • On the "Login Attempts" page, there will be notes regarding the login attempt, whether or not the attempt was successful, as well as the date and times the student attempted to log in.

Reasons for Students being unable to log in

Authentication Failed - Invalid Password (The user name or password is incorrect.)  

Students will need to try to log in to the account again, as it was likely a bad username/password combination. If this does not work, the student will need to reset their password at before trying again. Inform the student that there are times when the username and password become unlinked on the University side, and there is nothing that OAS can do. The only option is to change the password at

Temporary Access has expired 

The student was granted temporary access to SAMM, and the date has expired. The Accessibility Specialist will need to review the student's account and remove the "Access Expires On:" date on the Student Profile. 

Fail attempt more than 5 times. 

The student has attempted to log in, but failed to do so 5 times. This has forced their account to be locked out. A staff member will need to unlock their account following the steps above.

Username and password combination is wrong. Browser: XXXXXXX

The student has been unable to log in as they are using the wrong username or password to log in to the account. Students will need to try again. If they are still unable to log in, they will need to reset their password at before trying again.