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About the Testing Center

About the OASTC

The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) opened the Office of Accessibility Services Testing Center (OASTC) in Fall of 2019. This testing center may be used by students with testing accommodations authorized by the Office of Accessibility Services. 

To utilize the testing center instructors must log into their  SAMM  account to schedule exams. Exam materials can be submitted by uploading them to the exam request in SAMM or by emailing them to . Students will then log into their  SAMM  account to reserve a time slot. Instructors will receive an email asking them to approve the students requested time slot.

Testing Center Responsibilities 

The West Virginia University Office of Accessibility Services Testing Center (OASTC) assists instructors and staff in administering exams, tests, and quizzes, to students with authorized testing accommodations which includes:  

  • Reviewing all exam requests for accuracy  

  • Work with the instructors and students to handle any issues that arise 

  • Remind instructors to provide exams to the OASTC 

  • Remind students of scheduled exam times 

  • Verify student identity prior to being allowed into the OASTC 

  • Ensure student only takes into the OASTC required/authorized materials/resources  

  • Monitor student during exams, tests, and quizzes 

Testing Center Space

The Office of Accessibility Services Testing Center is equipped with the following: 
  • Secure electronic lockers for storage of student belongings during testing (limited to 15 lockers)
  • A restroom and water fountain is located within the testing space
  • Private testing rooms available for auditory and scribed exams