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Academic Accommodations are only authorized for lecture, online and some lab type classes. Academic accommodations are for the approved student only. Instructors should contact OAS with any concerns.

At times a combination of several accommodations may be utilized to best meet the individual needs of a student. This decision is based on the documentation submitted to OAS, the student's application and their initial meeting with their accessibility specialist.

Additional information about some reasonable accommodations can be found in the navigation to the right.

Obtaining Academic Accommodations

To obtain academic accommodations:

1. Register with OAS

  • Complete an online application
  • Submit documentation that meets OAS's stated academic documentation standards by one of the following methods:
    • Uploading it when completing the online application
    • Faxing it to 304-293-3861
    • Bringing it to your initial meeting
  • Schedule an intake appointment with your assigned Accessibility Specialist by using the link in your "Accessibility Specialist Assigned" email. This email will be sent within 1-2 business days of you submitting your application.

2. Meet with an Accessibility Specialist

During an initial meeting, specialists will discuss with the student:

  • Submitted documentation
  • Additional documentation, if needed
  • Academic history
  • Reasonable accommodations
    • How to request accommodations (Must be done every semester)
    • How to discuss accommodations with the student's instructors (Must be done every semester)
  • Any other relevant information

3. Request Accommodations

To request authorized accommodations (every semester) students must:

  • Log into SAMM with their WVU Login username and password.
  • Once in SAMM, student must:
  • Scroll to view the list of their enrolled classes.
  • Select Classes
  • Place check marks next to each of the courses they are requesting accommodations for.
  • Continue to customize their accommodations
  • Place a check mark next to the accommodations they are requesting to utilize within each course. Only select the options that will be beneficial in that course.
  • Click 'Submit Your Accommodation Request' button.

An accessibility specialist will then approve the requests and email the student and their instructors the Notification of Accommodations email via MIX explaining the student's accommodation needs. Academic accommodations are only given for lecture, online, and lab type classes.

4. Implement Accommodations

After accommodations are approved, students must:

  • Schedule to meet with the appropriate personnel to:
  • Verbally request and discuss how accommodations will be implemented (which may take up to a week)
  • Go over the Notification of Accommodations email
  • Sign the Notification of Accommodations letter in their SAMM account as confirmation of the meeting
  • Sign and retain the Recorded Lecture Agreement Form if recording the lecture as part of a notetaking accommodation

If issues with the implementation of accommodations arise, students should:

Privacy note

All documentation submitted to OAS is kept separate from an academic record and is considered private under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

There are times when the staff of OAS must share information with other faculty and staff on campus to facilitate accommodations in the classroom, residence halls, or transportation.