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The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for students with permanent and temporary disabilities at West Virginia University and all of its campuses. We assist in the implementation of accommodations that lead to academic and personal achievement.

Obtain or Renew Accommodations


Get the help you need to accomplish anything.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations can include everything from assistive technology, to testing accommodations, to captioning and interpreting services.

Academic accommodations

Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations are also available. If you have needs that require special housing arrangements, we can help.

Housing accommodations

Transportation Accommodations

Transportation accommodations include a shuttle service between buildings on WVU campuses to ease mobility to and from class.

Transportation accommodations

Looking for more information about accommodations? Check out the list of accommodations.


Resources to help you excel.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

OAS provides the a variety of services for students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, including American Sign Language Interpreting, Live Captioning/Transcribing, and Closed Captioning.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology includes alternative formatting of course materials and Assistive software, including screen readers, screen magnifiers, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, and notetaking software.

Assistive Technology

Testing Center

The West Virginia University Office of Accessibility Services Testing Center helps instructors administer exams, tests, and quizzes, for students with authorized testing accommodations.

Testing Center


Opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.


MindFit offers cutting edge tools for students to strengthen their academic skills, content knowledge, memory, attention span, and cognitive function.


Autism Support Program (ASP)

The Autism Support Program (ASP) at West Virginia University provides support, strategies, and programming individualized to the strengths, abilities, and needs of each student served.

Autism Support Program

Accessibility Student Advisory Group (ASAG)

The Accessibility Student Advisory Group advises, influences, and improves WVU's programs and initiatives regarding accessibility at WVU. Check out this page for more information about ASAG.

Accessibility Student Advisory Group
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What Students Say

A legacy of equality.

Having transcription services has completely changed my educational experience. Before, I didn't speak up about being hard of hearing. I was embarrassed and afraid to ask for help. It's so nice being able to know what's going on around me I wouldn't be able to participate or learn as effectively without the transcribers. For that, I am so thankful. Thank you for making being successful within my grasp.



The interpreters are wonderful here! The interpreting services I've received this semester were essential to my return on campus. I am extremely grateful to the OAS. OAS has been integral to my education at WVU.



Transcribing Services have helped me tremendously in class. I didn't realize how much information I was missing due to my hearing loss. I started using transcribing this past semester and earned the best GPA I've ever had in college!