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Attendance Statement

Many factors must be considered before excusing a WVU student from class attendance due to health or Disability. This includes the written attendance policy of the class, which is normally the final say. If attendance is essential to the class, an excuse not to attend and/or a request for an attendance accommodation may not be a viable option.

Attendance policies for individual classes can be found on the course syllabus. WVU university-wide attendance policies, as set by the Office of the Provost, can also be found in the University Undergraduate Catalog and in the Faculty Handbook (August 2005), These attendance policies apply to all students, regardless of disability status. The Office of Accessibility Services does not issue excuses for absences. If a class requires a degree of attendance that cannot be met by the student, withdrawal from the class may be a consideration.

Medical or Personal Emergencies

If you have a medical or personal emergency, it is best for you to contact each of your instructors directly about your situation. The WVU Division of Student Life can assist you in notifying your instructors. Please contact the Office of Student Life at 304-293-5811.