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Autism Support Program (ASP)

The Autism Support Program (ASP) at West Virginia University provides support, strategies, and programming individualized to the strengths, abilities, and needs of each student served.

WVU's Autism Support Program includes academic, vocational, social, and executive functioning support designed to help students complete a WVU degree program. Staff and students also develop individualized plans to enhance skills for becoming independent members of the college community at West Virginia University and beyond.  Students must meet criteria for admission to WVU to be accepted into the Autism Support Program.

A chart featuring the various aspects of the Autism Support Program, including Executive Functioning Support, Social Skills Coaching, Peer Mentoring, Academic and Vocational Support, and Referral Support. A text version is available at the link below.

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Please note that the Autism Support Program is not designed to create equal access within the classroom environment and therefore is not an accommodation. ASP is a fee-based enhanced support program designed to help eligible students develop academic, vocational, social, and executive functioning skills.

For additional information, please check out our FAQs.

Students may be eligible to receive funding through the WV Department of Rehabilitation Services (WV DRS) or their home state office of vocational rehabilitation. For additional information, please contact us.