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Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations are authorized for lecture, online, and some lab courses. Academic accommodations are for the approved student only. Instructors should contact OAS with any concerns. At times, a combination of several accommodations may be utilized to best meet the individual needs of a student.

Academic Accommodations can fall into various categories, as follows:

To be eligible to receive accommodations at WVU, a student must first Register with the Office of Accessibility Services and complete an intake appointment with an accessibility specialist. Appropriate accommodations will be determined based on the interactive process between specialist and student, the student’s documentation, previous effective accommodations, and the current functional limitations of the student.

Please be advised that:

  • Students must Renew their accommodations every semester.
  • Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively to course work.
  • Not all accommodations apply to all courses, based on technical standards/course format.
  • Instructors have 7 days after the initial meeting to implement accommodations.

For more questions about Academic Accommodations, please visit our FAQ page.