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Admission to West Virginia University

Please note that admission to West Virginia University and it's individual programs/colleges/majors is based upon the applicant meeting the published admission criteria of the University with no preference provided on the basis of disability.
Requirements for entrance to, participation in, and completion of the majors/schools/colleges/programs are available on their respective website and Undergraduate/Graduate catalog. Learning Objectives and/or Technical Standards of a specific course and/or program of study cannot be waived. However, reasonable academic accommodations can be provided as long as they are appropriate and effective means for a student with a disability to be able to satisfy published requirements for a program.

Registering with Office of Accessibility Services

Once a student is admitted to the University, it is the student's responsibility to make their need for disability related accommodations known and to provide documentation that meets the office's standards to support the student's need for requested accommodations. According to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to ensure equal access. A student has a right to succeed or fail a course based on their own academic performance. Accommodations in a University setting in no way guarantee success in a course or program. 

Online Application for the Office of Accessibility Services.

Submitting Documentation

After completion of the application, documentation must be submitted that meets the Office of Accessibility Services Documentation Standards. Documentation can be uploaded to the application, faxed to the office (304) 293-3861, or brought to your initial meeting with an Accessibility Specialist. 

Documentation Standards for Accommodations

Documentation Standards for Housing Accommodations

Documentation Standards for Emotional Support Animals

Documentation Standards for Transportation Accommodations

Meeting with an Accessibility Specialist

After completing the application and submitting documentation, a student is required to contact the office to request a meeting with an Accessibility Specialist. The student's initial meeting is the first step in the process to obtaining accommodations at West Virginia University. The Office of Accessibility Services strongly recommends that the student who is requesting accommodations be the individual who sets up all appointments. 
During an initial meeting, Specialists will discuss with the student: documentation (submitted and if any additional documentation is needed), academic history, reasonable accommodations, accommodations process at West Virginia University, and any other relevant information. Appropriate accommodations are determined by the Accessibility Specialist and the student based on the interactive process, disability, current documentation, previous effective accommodations, and current functional limitations of a student. 

Privacy Note

All documentation submitted to OAS is kept separate from the students' academic record and is considered private under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
There are times when the staff of OAS must share information with faculty, staff, and administration on campus to facility accommodations in the classroom, residence halls, or transportation.