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Transfer of Audio Files using Sonocent and Google Drive


After recording lecture content on a mobile device, you can transfer it to a traditional computer to work with it using Google Drive as an intermediary. This may be necessary to do while using computers that are on campus.

Part One: Install the Google Drive app on your mobile device

1. Go to the Application Store.

2. Search for and download Google Drive.

Part Two: Transfer recorded lectures from your mobile device to Google Drive as needed

  1. Using your mobile device, go to the home screen in Sonocent and click Select , which is in the upper-left corner.
  2. Select a recording to transfer by clicking the circle to the left of the recording.
  3. Click the arrow icon in the bottom-left corner and choose Copy to Drive .
  4. Google Drive appears, select Save.

Part Three: Download files from Google Drive to a computer as needed

  1. Go to on any browser
  2. Click Sign In in the upper-right corner.
  3. Enter your MIX e-mail address and password, and then choose Login.
  4. Click the Google Apps button, located in the upper right hand corner and click Drive.
  5. Locate the Sonocent recording you wish to use on the computer.
  6. Right click on the file, and then choose Download.
  7. After it downloads, choose open.
  8. Sonocent should begin to load on the desktop with the recording in the audio pane.

Part Four: Transfer files from Sonocent back to Google Drive as need

  1. Save the file in Sonocent to the desktop or a folder you will remember
  2. Open Google Drive with Google Chrome Browser
    1. Uploading back to Google Drive is only supported by the Google Chrome Browser
  3. Drag the file icon into the Google Drive window
  4. Uploading should automatically begin.