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Instructions for Faculty

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Instructors should meet with the student to discuss how their alternative testing accommodations will be implemented and determine if they can be implemented without the use of the testing center.
    • The Office of Accessibility Services requests that instructors who can accommodate their students in their classroom, their office, or at an appropriate alternative location should do so rather than using the OAS Testing Center.
  • Accommodations requested verbally by a student must be implemented within 7 days of receiving the Notification of Accommodations email.
  • If deciding to utilize the testing center for the exams, instructors should submit their exam request by using SAMM. Changes and updates to exams need to be made in SAMM as well.
  • Instructors should contact the testing center in writing when a make-up exam is needed.
  • Instructors should submit any changes that need to be made to a testing request on SAMM. Updates can be made up until the day before the exam.
  • Instructors should ensure the student has extended time set up through eCampus for online assessments.
  • Instructors must deliver the exam to the testing center through SAMM, email, or hand delivered with a hard copy a minimum of 3 business days prior to the exam date.
  • Instructors is responsible for picking up the hard copy of the completed exam if they do not wish to receive it through their SAMM account.

Procedures for Scheduling Exams

Instructors should submit an exam request through SAMM with detailed information regarding the requested exam 7 days prior to the exam date.  Instructors should notify their students that they may log into SAMM to schedule their exam time slot.

Instructors will receive an email asking them to approve the student's exam time slot and inform the OASTC if there are any accommodations that the student has not requested to utilize on their exam.

The OAS Testing Center will verify the information received and the student/instructor will receive an exam confirmation email.

Exam Delivery Return

  • Exams must be delivered to the OASTC a minimum of 3 business days prior to the exam. OASTC is on the Lower Level in room 144 of the Downtown Library.
  • Instructor may upload the exam to SAMM when completing the exam request form or after the exam form is submitted.
  • Exam requests may be submitted without the exam attached and the exam can be attached to the exam request at a later date.
  • Instructor can also email the OASTC a copy of the exam to or physically deliver the exam to the OASTC. If the instructor requested that exam materials be returned electronically, OASTC will scan the exam and all exam materials utilized on the exam (including scrap paper or formula sheets) and return the exam to the instructor through SAMM. Returning of paper exam materials may take up to three business days.
  • If the instructor has requested to pick up the exam materials from the OASTC, it is the responsibility of the instructor to provide their instructor ID when picking up the exam materials from the OASTC front desk. Instructor will be required to sign for the exam.
  • While the Office of Accessibility Services records all exams, for confidentiality purposes as well as the integrity of the exam administration, exam footage will only be shared with the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.