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Instructions for Students

Student Responsibilities

Students utilizing the OAS Testing Center will:

  • follow all university and testing center policies and procedures and will conduct themselves professionally, including keeping test contents and materials confidential.
  • request testing accommodations through SAMM for their course a minimum of 7 business days in advance of the scheduled exam date.
  • meet with their professor to request their accommodations and discuss utilizing the OAS Testing Center to administer tests and exams.
  • schedule their assessment to be administered on the date/time of the originally scheduled exam unless otherwise approved by the professor.
  • show up on time for testing
    • If a student arrives late for the exam, the originally scheduled end time will be adhered to and the instructor will be notified of the late arrival.
    • If a student misses an exam, the testing center must receive written approval from the instructor to reschedule the exam.
  • bring limited items with them to the testing center and store all personal items inside of a testing center locker.
  • All electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, earbuds, etc.) must be turned off and stored in a testing center locker.
  • only bring materials authorized by the professor and their accommodations into the testing room.
  • bring all allowed materials not supplied by the instructor that are to be utilized to take the exam.
  • bring their WVU ID to the testing center to swipe in to the exam.
  • check their exams and notify testing staff immediately if there is a problem with the exam.
  • not leave the testing center for any purpose during the exam and will use the restroom within the exam room when needed, as well as the water fountain (all exams end at the originally scheduled exam end time regardless of breaks taken by student).
  • will be responsible for requesting and returning any borrowed equipment (timers, headphones, pencils, etc.) to the testing center upon completion of the exam.
  • unless specified by their accommodations or approval from the instructor, complete the exam in one sitting without leaving the testing center.
  • be responsible for following all instructions on the exam, including instructions from the instructor on how to handle questions, and will assume any penalties that may result from misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

The following items are not allowed in OAS Testing Center without prior approval from instructor: 

  • Cell phones, watches, earbuds, or any other electronic devices.
  • Food or beverages (unless specified by the student’s accommodations).
  • Backpacks and purses.

Scheduling an Exam

Students must schedule to take their exam by requesting a time slot with the Office of Accessibility Services Testing Center. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your SAMM account using your WVU login credentials
  2. Select ‘testing room’ from the menu on the left
  3. For a new test booking, select ‘new booking request’
  4. Select the course you are booking the time slot for from the drop-down menu
  5. Choose the exam
  6. Select the date and time range that you are to take your exam during. To select a specific day, select the same date on the exam start date and end date.
  7. If the time you are looking for is not listed, make sure that you have selected the correct date and time range. If you are still unable to request a time slot, contact the Office of Accessibility Services for additional information.
  8. Select a time from the list of available options on the right side of the screen.
  9. Before confirming the exam booking, make sure all the information is correct. Add in any notes in the ‘student note’ section that you feel is necessary for the professor or OASTC staff.
  10. If everything is correct, press ‘submit request’ at the bottom of the page.

Rescheduling an Exam Time Slot

To make changes to the date or time of an exam you have requested to take at the OASTC, please cancel any current requests, and create a new request.

Day of Exam

Check In

  • When checking in, students must swipe their student ID card.
  • If a student does not have their personal student ID card, they will not be permitted to take the exam and their instructor will be notified of the need to reschedule the exam.
  • Staff members will verify the student’s identity with their student ID. Any student identified using another student’s ID to take the exam will not be permitted to take the exam, and the instructor will be immediately notified.
  • The student will be required to lock up any personal belongings in the OASTC lockers prior to being admitted to the exam room. This includes backpacks, purses, jackets, phones, watches, jewelry, and any materials not approved to be used on the exam. All electronic devices are to be turned off prior to being stored.
  • The student will be notified of their exam end time, the materials approved to be used on the exam, and reminded of WVU and OASTC’s policies regarding academic honesty. Student will receive a check in/check out sheet that will also provide detailed information regarding the exam for the students use.
  • Students will then be directed toward their assigned seat for the exam and notified of the scheduled exam end time. Light blinking timers are available by student request to assist the student in monitoring their exam time. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their timer is set to the correct exam length and to return their exam at the scheduled exam end time.

Check Out

  • The student is responsible for returning their exam at their originally scheduled exam end time. All OASTC exam materials and any additional materials used on the exam must be returned to the OASTC staff.