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WVU Seniors: IT Rotational Opportunity


WVU seniors in information technology (IT) fields have the opportunity to work in a rotational program in Hartford, CT. Bender Consulting Services, a company specializing in disability employment consulting, is seeking qualified individuals with disabilities for this opportunity.


To apply, students should visit Bender Consulting Services website, and complete the electronic form provided.

The Program

Students who join this rotational program will gain familiarity with and contribute to different business units with three nine-month rotations in areas like:

  • Applications and web development
  • IT infrastructure and networking
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Business intelligence

Students will receive work experience and training, as well as networking opportunities.


To be eligible, students must:

  • Be pursing, or have received, a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following subjects: management information systems, computer science, business administration (with computer science minor), or another related information technology field.
  • Have strong technical skills in Microsoft Office Suite, web development tools, database development/management, ERP, operating systems and technical infrastructure.

Other qualifications and requirements, as well as additional information on the position and application process, can be found on the Bender Consulting Services website.