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El Deafo, Motivation in the Media


We have all had our struggles overcoming embarrassment and loneliness growing up. Entering public primary school with a hearing aid strapped to your chest generates a unique set of challenges. Cece Bell, author of El Deafo , recounts her experiences as a Hard of Hearing student in public school: fielding questions about the cords framing her face, and her inability to clearly hear her instructors the way she used to.  

Cece contracted meningitis at the age of four, which ultimately led to her hearing loss. Meningitis is a common cause of hearing loss and deafness. Cece’s experiences are specific to her, but her story highlights a common theme in the Hard of Hearing and Deaf ( and really, the majority of humans) population: fitting in.

For more information about Cece and how she turned her disability into a superpower, check out the NPR interview with Cece Bell