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Spring 2018 Training Dates for Kurzweil & Sonocent

August Campbell |

WVU Office of Accessibility trainings will consist of a 2-hour long sessions. The first hour will focus on Sonocent Audio Note taker. The second hour will cover Kurzweil 3000 and Fire Fly. Students are welcome to attend both sessions or just one.

Please bring your own device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) with all software installed and your username and password for Kurzweil. If you have any questions, please email

OAS students can sign up for trainings in SAMM


Main Campus Location: Stewart Hall B15 - OAS Conference Room

Potomac State Campus Location: Mary F. Shipper Room 201

Beckley Campus Location: Library of the Learning Resource Center Room 219

Dates and Times:

Sonocent Kurzweil Training February 14th @ 11:30am

Sonocent Kurzweil Training February 20th @ 11:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training February 21st @ 10:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training February 27th @ 2:30pm

Sonocent Kurzweil Training February 28th @ 1:30pm

Sonocent Kurzweil Training March 6th @ 8:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training March 7th @ 11:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training March 13th @ 11:30am

Sonocent Kurzweil Training March 14th @ 10:30am

Sonocent Kurzweil Training March 20th @ 2:30pm

Kurzweil Sonocent Training March 21st @ 2:30pm

Kurzweil Sonocent Training March 27th @ 8:30am

Sonocent Kurzweil Training March 28th @ 1:30pm

Sonocent Kurzweil Training April 3rd @ 11:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training April 4th @ 11:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training April 10th @ 2:30pm

Sonocent Kurzweil Training April 11th @ 10:30am

Sonocent Kurzweil Training April 17th @ 8:30am

Kurzweil Sonocent Training April 18th @ 2:30pm

Kurzweil Sonocent Training April 24th @ 11:30am

Sonocent Kurzweil Training April 25th @ 1:30pm