Jessica Woods, Theodore Webb, and Melissa Chesanko were among the local poets featured at the Speak Up (!) Diversity Poetry Reading, part of this year's Diversity Week activities on campus.  <a href="">Watch the video</a>. The West Virginia University Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will hold an open house on Aug. 27 to celebrate its new location, which brings all the division's elements into one central office for the first time.

<a href="">Read More</a> Colloquium XI participants site and learn about the services and academic programs for doctoral and professional students at WVU. Each year during Diversity Week a Peace Tree Ceremony is hosted by the WVU Native American Studies program. The Office of Accessibility Services staff is dedicated to assisting students with disabilities obtain appropriate accommodations to insure equal access to WVU academic programs. WVU celebrates diversity as seen in this Diversity Wall image taken during our annual Diversity Week.
Graduate student Kombe Kapatamoyo gives a presentation as part of the Journey series, held each year in conjunction with Diversity Week.  Each year, several international graduate and undergraduate students are selected to share their unique story of what led them to WVU. Members of the Indian Student Association perform at Diversi-Tea, an event held as part of Spring Diversity Days.  Spring Diversity Days consists of three days of events held each Spring to supplement fall's Diversity Week.  Students at University High School take part in the Global Culture Series.  The Global Culture Series is designed to bring the international community to local high schools and is part of the "Building an Inclusive Community" partnership between WVU, the City of Morgantown, and the Monongalia County School System.


Welcome to West Virginia University’s Office of Accessibility Services. As part of the University’s student-centered outlook, we are dedicated to helping students achieve success regardless of any physical, learning, psychological, sensory or other documented disability. Our office is committed to helping students with disabilities achieve their academic goals by providing reasonable academic accommodations under appropriate circumstances. As part of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we serve students with disabilities and we take those needs seriously.

Working together, we can enrich your college experience and help you create a great future!