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Faculty Working Group

The Office of Accessibility Services seeks input from Faculty regarding upcoming revisions to the accommodation process. 

If you are a part-time or full-time faculty member or instructor at WVU, we welcome you to apply to be a member of the OAS Faculty Working Group.  This working group's purpose is to gather feedback from faculty as we update Step 2 of the accommodation renewal/request process. Our goal will be to improve the frequenc y a nd quality of student-faculty interactions during this initial a ccommodation discussion stage , a nd to provide faculty with ad ditional resources and electronic reportin g option s as to  the status of this discussio n with students .

Faculty who have specific questions about a situation in their classes, or broader questions about the accommodation process, should consult our Faculty FAQ page or reach out to our office.


Faculty Working Group members will:

  • Offer input on the updated online accommodation authorization letter to ensure usability and compliance
  • Share relevant experiences and perspectives with the Office of Accessibility Services to help promote student-faculty engagement
  • Review written content to provide recommendations for improved clarity
  • Actively participate in no more than four meetings per academic year (two meetings per semester)


Terms are for one calendar year (Spring 2024 through Fall 2025). Members will receive correspondence to identify their availability prior to each meeting. The working group will consist of no more than 10 faculty members chosen from among the applications received.

Apply Today

If you have questions, please  contact the Office of Accessibility Services.